What we do?

D & Company Nordic AB offer a revolutionary digital platform for opticians, watch the movie.

By becoming a Nordic eyewear supplier, of both digital solutions and products, we will present a whole new concept to the market and change the way opticians do business.

Our mission is to design, produce and sell our own as well as licensed eyewear brands relevant to the Nordic consumer. Our distribution is focused on opticians, export distributors, key accounts and travel retail. Watch the Efva Attling movie at Stureoptikern (Swedish only).

We differentiate ourselves by offering unique e-commerce solutions and lens services in order to allow our trade customers to sell and market our products in a modern and highly cost-effective manner.

Online Store

The online store is an extension of the physical store, containing the same range and offers on frames, lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses. The prices are taken from the store’s administrative system.

IDUN gives you the same functions that you can see in the best online stores today. The platform also contains links to suppliers, the opportunity to sell lenses, provide advice and handle prescriptions. It is quite simply a so called omni-channel concept, in which the store and the online store are integrated, giving the customers what they want, both online and in store..

Three out of four consumers today search for information online before buying contact lenses or glasses. More than 50% of all contact lenses in Sweden are bought online while, at the same time, surveys show that many consumers would rather buy from their optician if the prices and terms of delivery were the same.


Appointment Booking

The digital appointment booking service gives you an effective tool for increasing bookings of the consulting rooms and planning staging. This has a positive impact on turnover, as more appointments and visits to the store lead to increased sales.

You also have the option to automatically prebook your customers in the same way as your NHS dentist does, for example. The option module allows you to book the customer groups that need a higher return frequency, for example patients between 40 and 50 years old, with the time intervals that their eye problems require.


The communication module allows you to maintain contact with your customers both before, during and after their visits. In order to prepare for the visit, the customer can answer questions about e.g. work situation, leisure interests, illnesses or what sort of frames they prefer.

The customer can also ask the optician questions. This means that you are both better prepared; and with more knowledge about each customer, you can supply a better clinical assessment and an improved customer experience. After the visit, you have a time-effcient way of maintaining contact with your customer, which increases the likelihood of return visits and sales.

A digital platform for the optician industry

Powerful digital platform

The platform has a comprehensive basic functionality that is specially produced for opticians and which is customised for your store.

Basic package with extra modules

The basic package gives you a range of functions, but if you want a little more, we have a number of supplementary modules offering even more functions.

Search engine optimisation

Being shown high up in search engines like Google is important if you want to reach new customers and get your business online today. The platform has advanced functions for handling search engine optimisation (SEO).

Smooth product information

We help you lay out the products you want to have in your online store, along with everything related to them, such as product information, pictures, prices, etc. The system has advanced functions for this.

Store-customised design

The powerful web publishing tool gives great opportunities for choosing the design and appearance of your online store. You retain your own culture and your own expression.

A platform that grows

We will be developing the digital platform as time passes, offering new services and options that are based on our customers’ requests and requirements.

Last but not least – easier for you

You do what you are good at, and we help you get out there digitally. We know how much opticians have to think about. That is why we are creating a tool with smooth administration and smart functions that make your daily work easier.

Want to read more? Download the PDF with more info, technical specsfications.


Hur fungerar det?

Vi har en prenumerationsmodell för våra digitala optikertjänster, vilket innebär att du som optiker snabbt och enkelt får tillgång till en egen nätbutik som du kan anpassa efter dina önskemål och behov.

Det som skiljer vår produkt från andra e-handelslösningar är att vi har ett tydligt fokus på optikmarknaden. Tjänsten är lätt att integrera med de system som du använder idag, och låter dig lägga till både egna märken och underleverantörer.

Vill du veta mer? Kontakta oss så håller vi dig uppdaterad.