Our own brand, proudly created for lovers of Nordic style and design. For those who long for the sun all winter long. To wear when having that first outdoor cup of coffee, feeling those first warm rays of sun on your face. To protect your eyes while sailing on one of those rare sunny summer days and to keep your knitted sweater company on a crisp autumn morning. Expect a Nordic feel in both material, fit and design. The Norr line includes reading glasses, optical frames and sunglasses. All sunglasses are polarised to protect sensitive eyes and cut the glare created by the combination of low sun and water. With Norr, it’s all about appreciating the small things in life, to reframe your moment.
Thought-through beauty. This charismatic jewellery designer has been designing eyewear under her own name since 2002 and the collection includes both optical frames and sunglasses. A frame from Efva Attling is to be worn as a piece of jewellery. A beautiful, sophisticated piece personally created by Efva herself, someone who sees glasses as a delicate way to express your inner self. Elegant or bold? The choice is yours.
Tiger of Sweden was founded in the Swedish city of Uddevalla in 1903, and today represents a modern and contemporary fashion brand for all who appreciate fashion and style of “a different cut”. The eyewear collection contains both optical frames and sunglasses with modern shapes and colours reflecting the latest season’s fashion. Expect high quality, perfect fit and a high end office-look from this quality Swedish brand
Under the motto LOOK GOOD WHILE DOING GOOD (look good while doing well), Monkeyglasses® designs durable glasses for the conscious consumer. Each frame is carefully designed for both the environment and the people involved in the production. "LOOK GOOD ... All monkeyglasses® glasses are handmade and use only 266 grams of CO2 in the production of a pair of glasses. Most monkeyglasses® is made of biodegradable materials such as cotton acid acetate consisting of 95% cotton flowers. The monkeyglasses® team is highly focused on zero waste, and all waste from the production of spectacles is made into jewelry, and comes in the way new life. In 2016, Monkeyglasses® became one of the world's largest and most influential design prizes Silver A 'Design Award in the category' Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design 2016 '. ... WHILE DOING GOOD " Monkeyglasses® is very passionate about supporting savetheorangutan.org, an organization that works to help the thousands of wild orangutans return to nature, each year being victims of the destruction of their homes in the rainforest in Borneo. But it is not only the wild orangutans who need our help. People with less resources all over the world also need glasses. Monkeyglasses® helps to collect discarded spectacles to a center in Trivandrum, India, where old glasses become alive and rejoice.
Since Levi Strauss in 1873 invented the jeans, Levi's® jeans have captured people's imagination and loyalty for several generations. Levi's® collection with jeans, clothes and accessories can be found in more than 110 countries. Levi's allows people around the world to express their own personal jeans style.   Levi's® jeans are tailored with the best fabric. Made with care and expertise. Designed to last for a long time.   We created the jeans and what it means to use them. Welcome to Levi's® YOU WEAR JEANS. YOU LIVE IN LEVI'S®.
Blåkläder is a name that stands for tough workwear that won´t let anyone down. Until now, this reliable line of clothing was known for protecting everything but your eyes. But next spring, this is going to change. D & Company and Blåkläder are working side by side to develop a whole new range of protective eyewear. So from early 2017 you can expect to find Blåkläder’s own range of eyewear right next to their workwear at your local Blåkläder store. Stay tuned!
Adlens was co-founded by James Chen in 2005 to address the unmet need for corrective vision in the developing world and to develop commercial applications of variable focus lens technology.