Since Levi Strauss in 1873 invented the jeans, Levi's® jeans have captured people's imagination and loyalty for several generations.
Levi's® collection with jeans, clothes and accessories can be found in more than 110 countries. Levi's allows people around the world to express their own personal jeans style.
Levi's® jeans are tailored with the best fabric.
Made with care and expertise.
Designed to last for a long time.
We created the jeans and what it means to use them.
Welcome to Levi's®
Levi's ger möjlighet till människor i hela världen att uttrycka sin egen personliga jeansstil. Levi’s® jeans är skräddade av det bästa tyget. Tillverkade med omsorg och expertis. Designade för att hålla länge. Vi skapade jeansen och vad det innebär att använda dem. Välkomna till Levi's® YOU WEAR JEANS. YOU LIVE IN LEVI'S®.